Nature, dance and anatomy fascinate me.

The process of creating an artwork starts with the investigation of a certain colour; the different shades with which I can create a new colour. I paint in layers, some parts of my artworks are drenched in watercolour paint while other parts remain white. I start with a light, transparent layer to look for the shape I want to give to my work - afterwards I apply a second layer. By adding water the colours dissolve, parts of the shape I created light up because of this.

My artworks dry differently every time. I watch carefully how the layers of paint intertwine; transparent next to thicker layers of paint on paper. Because the rest of the paper is still white - my shapes seem to float on the paper.

The anatomy of the human eye, but also the human body as a whole, fascinate me. The human eye has such an elusive design with an incredible depth. Coincidentally, eyes seem to appear in my artworks.

Margareta Svensson (photography) // Charlotte Boudesteijn (copywriting) // Ronde Vormen (webdesign).

Marianne Boudesteijn

Marianne Boudesteijn